Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Tattoo

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Tattoo

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Tattoo 150 150 admin

With a bit of preparation and research, you’ll always end up with the tattoo of your dreams!

Tattoo horror stories captivate us. Whether it’s misspelled words or terrible artistry, there’s a morbid curiosity about permanent mishaps. The real fear lies in knowing it could happen to any of us. A couple of careless decisions and we might be stuck with “Rest in Piece” or artwork that resembles something from Microsoft Paint.

To ease your worries, we’ve compiled a foolproof list of things to watch out for so you can avoid ending up on “tattoos gone wrong” searches. With some preparation, research, and common sense, you’ll always get the tattoo you’ve envisioned.

Research Your Artist

The most crucial advice is to thoroughly research your tattoo artists and their portfolios. Examine their work closely to understand how your healed tattoo will look. Platforms like Maori Tattoo Studio can assist in this process.

If your design is large or complex, always have a detailed consultation with your chosen artist. Ensure you’re both aligned on the desired outcome. A lack of proper consultation or disinterest from your artist is a red flag.

Don’t Opt for the Cheapest Option

Ever heard the saying, “Cheap work isn’t good, and good work isn’t cheap”? This is especially true in tattooing. Quality tattoos come at a cost. Even small, simple designs by professionals can start at over 100 euros. Your skin is with you for life, so consider if saving a little money is worth the risk. If unsure, wait until you can afford something you’ll truly love.

Double-Check Your Design

A reliable tattoo artist will likely point out spelling mistakes, but it’s wise to double-check your design beforehand. It’s not just about spelling; small inaccuracies in quotes or landmarks can slip through. For peace of mind, share the design with friends or use Google to catch any errors.

Avoid Anything Offensive

While you might find certain things amusing, it’s best to steer clear of designs that could be seen as offensive or controversial. What seemed funny years ago might not hold up today, so play it safe with your tattoo choices.

Wear the Right Clothing

Come prepared to your tattoo appointment by wearing appropriate clothing. It’s easy to overlook this in your excitement. For example, avoid tight jeans if getting a thigh tattoo, or tight sleeves for a sleeve tattoo. Your comfort and the healing process will benefit from suitable attire.

Look After Your Tattoo

No matter how skilled your artist is, aftercare is your responsibility once you leave the studio. Proper care ensures your tattoo heals well and looks its best.

Walk-In Tattoo Tallinn

How about Walk in, you ask?!

Always try to plan your visit to us in advance, but we also welcome guests who come simply walk in! This is especially popular for small tattoos and piercings. Just before your visit, just in case, send an SMS message about your plans to the phone number +37258452978 And we will inform you about the opportunity. It’s fast, simple and convenient! See you in our Tattoo Studio MAORI in Tallinn!